How to allow different users to access microsoft forms via power automate

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Hi all,


Currently I have a Microsoft Form to collect survey results. This form was originally created by me and I'm attempting to create a Power Automate flow that sends an email to other people when a survey is submitted. I was able to do this by using the "When a new response is submitted" action and then having an action afterwards to send the email.


I noticed that in order for my Form to appear in the list, I have to be logged in as me. If I log in as someone else (or of a co-worker wants to develop a Power Automate flow), my survey form will not be available. I was wondering could I have multiple owners for a Microsoft form? Or is there a different way to allow multiple users to develop Power automate flows for a Microsoft form?




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That's a current service limitation, shared forms and group forms won't be listed. But you can select "Enter custom value" in form picker then copy/paste the form ID into the input box. It works for both shared forms and group forms.

@JasonYeung "I was wondering could I have multiple owners for a Microsoft form?" yes, click the 3 dots at the top right of the form, click on Collaborate or Duplicate then send your other collaborators the link in the Add collaborators section.


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