How to add Match the following type questions in Forms ?

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I want to create a Match the Following type question in  a quiz.

There is a option of Likert but it is not allowing me to auto-grade or assess the question automatically.

There is an option of Tickbox Grid in google forms, can anyone tell me how the same functionality can be availed in Microsoft Forms ?

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This type of questions were already answered that MS Forms lacks those options we desired.

As it is now 26/01/2021, we have no such option.


If you want to do match questions , you may use Ranking with Subtitle. Give the order in the subtitle and ask students to choose variants accordingly.

Microsoft Forms proves rather insipid as a Quiz tool, doesn't it?

Your workaround is clever enough to be sure, but I am not sure it meets the need didactically. Matching terms to definitions, for example, isn't hierarchical the way ranking or Likert questions suggest.