How to add just a text to read in forms?

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I am a reading teacher and I need to make a quiz where the student read a passage and then answer the questions. The problem is that I do not see any option or way to just put the text. I tried putting a picture but it is too small to read even when I click the option to enlarge. Any suggestions?

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@lizsanWhy Microsoft haven't added the ability to add a text box is beyond me.. A workaround I've used is to add a new section and put the text into the description box and then add  one or more questions relating to that text. Of course you will need to use branching to make this effective. 


The is a feedback portal request for this which you can vote for at


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Create a new choice question and delete all available options. Then fill in the question with the text that you want displayed. You can even use a subtitle to provide secondary information.
I'm pretty new at MS Forms, but wanted the same function and just stumbled on this solution.
Hopefully it helps others!


Edit: The one drawback I've found is that this still counts as a question in your form data, so it creates a column in the responses, which may not be desirable in every circumstance. No big deal most times though.

@DustinSummerCamp This was so helpful! Thank you

@DustinSummerCamp This is a great workaround. I just wish the numbers next to the words were not there. Then it would be perfect.

To remove numbers for users,
Open form settings (click '...' in the top right corner and then 'Settings').
Check 'Disable question number for respondents'

The numbers are still visible for you, but your users filling out the form will not see them.