How do you move a Form/Quiz from Group Forms back to My Forms?

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How do you move a Form/Quiz from Group Forms back to My Forms?

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Not currently possible. There are a few uservoice entries for similar asks such as :

And maybe even if they had a way to transfer ownership you could change from group to a person, which is what this one is for and has a lot of votes:

I had luck sharing it as duplicate.  Click Share (top right), copy the Share as a Template link and open, hit Duplicate and it creates a copy in your Forms.  But other than that it looks like a one way street.

Excellent - thank you
That worked for me :)

This didn't work for me, which is incredibly frustrating!

tried your method but the duplicated form has missing questions. I had 29 questions in the original form. After duplicating it, i'm only left with 14 questions =(.


Slightly different experience, It didn't work for me at first

  • Used the duplicate URL to make a Hyperlink in word
  • Then went at it from the hyperlink - This opens a new webpage with the Duplicate at the top
  • Hit Duplicate - but wait for processing indicators to finish, before going back to forms and checking
  • Got the forms with (Copy) in the title , but that is easily amended
This was a perfect solution. Thank you!

@canosoup  Thanks for the advice. Worked great! 

This worked for me as well. Thanks!

Thank you this worked for me@TimGJ 

@Chris Webb 

It's excelent. That worked. Thank you!
But I think we can't be in a hurry to go to "My forms", before the process really stop (after hit "Duplicate" bottom).

@canosoup  it worked ...thanks mate! but i need with the responses  (answers). Someone knows how can we move with the answers?

@gustavotrigo  info in forms is held in excel format so you would need to use the download to Excel and treat it as a spreadsheet. Keeping the two  together is convoluted.

I know where I would experiment but haven't tried it: - 

  1. Download results to desktop (Form >Responses>Open in excel)
  2. Open spreadsheet with ONLINE version of Excel (in the cloud)
  3. In the spreadsheet go insert > forms > new form
  4. Then you will have to create a new form matching the titles and order as shown on the spreadsheet headings,
  5. The form (hopefully) should then be tied to the results in the spreadsheet.
  6. Good luck!!

@TimGJ  Now I've actually had time to think about it

On the copy of the forms go to Responses then Open in excel
You have a spreadsheet with all the correct columns just no information

On the original form 

Do the same (Responses> Open in Excel) then copy/paste to the new spreadsheet - what I don't know is if the linking table from the spreadsheet to the form will automatically be created  - you will need to experiment.

@Chris Webb 


I can't believe it's not possible to move forms from one team to another....

@TimGJ  thanks mate! what do you mean in the number 4 ?

Use the headings at the top of the spreadsheet as the questions on the form, in that order, so the two are the same. therefore, hopefully the answers to the questions will appear in the correct columns on the spreadsheet.
Haven't tried it yet but the two need to align or the data goes in the wrong place - problem is somebody with an encyclopaedic level of knowledge at Microsoft really needs to tell us what to do and what the limitations are.

@TimGJ It did not work for me. Form is opening but I don't see the Duplicate option on top.

Thanks. It worked and resolved my purpose.