How do I send an automated reply from Microsoft Forms?

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I am trying to figure out how to send a reply to people who submit a response to a Microsoft Form.   I did some investigation and it seems like I would need to use another app for this - Power Automate.  This can't be right.  How could something so simple require another app?  Even Google Forms has this capability. 

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@jdcma I think this is by design. Power Automate is designed to specifically link up different apps (over 300 now) and it works beautifully to link up the Office 365 suite of apps. At my company we always use a flow in Power Automate to send a nicely-formatted, branded (with our logo) email confirmation to the responder of what they submitted and other information they might need, and we save the response into a SharePoint list as a backup. Of course it also allows us to send the email to other staff, perhaps the responder's manager. I don't see Forms doing that any time soon when Microsoft already have a solution and when Forms is missing so many other features that they need to work on.

At its simplest the flow could look like the example below. You have a trigger which fires whenever a response is submitted. The first action is always then to get the response details. Then you can have a send an email action and you select the items to put in it, like the To field, from the dynamic content box that appears on the right when you click in a field or in the body of the email.




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Hi @RobElliott 


I appreciate your thoughtful answer.  I just worked on this for another hour and, unfortunately, I'm no closer to figuring it out.  This is much too complicated for my needs.  I'm going to use Google Forms.


Have a great day.


@jdcma  that's a shame because it really is very, very easy.


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Hi Rob,

Is it also possible to send a calendar invite (meeting request) with this method?
e.g. when someone subscribe for something and you want to send the subscriber also an invitation they can accept so it's also planned in their personal calendar.


@TheOutSider365 yes this can be done but you need to do some preparatory work by creating a live event in Teams, an events list in SharePoint and then your form, followed by the flow. The end result is an email with an Outlook .ics calendar invite attached and a join link.



























If any of the steps in this is difficult to understand just post a question and I'll answer it.


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I have the same use case.

Is it possible to send me the solution details on my mail?

thanks in advance for your help