How can you lock down a Form once live?

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Hi, I've tried to search for this issue but not really finding the correct answer...


In Forms how can you 'lock' a form or a quiz in to a final version so that once you have shared the link, the form/quiz cannot be amended?


As it stands, I set up all of the forms/quizzes within my firm and therefore I am my own safeguard that nothing is being edited and amended on a live form. However, in case of illness, I have been asked to start sharing these files so that someone else could pick them up. When I have used the 'Share to collaborate' link, the person that the file has been sent to can edit the file (as intended by it's functionality) BUT I want the form/quiz to be un-editable after it has gone live?



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Hi Tanya

Unfortunately I'm not sure there is any feature that allows you to lock down the form/quiz design at this time.

Unless someone else knows a workaround to the problem, I would suggest that your colleagues need to be clear that they are only to access the responses and not edit the form?

Best of luck!


What do you mean by 'pick them up', perhaps you could use Flow to send the results to you and your colleague to avoid the need to share the edit permissions?

Hello @Tanya Buddle 


I don't know if found the solution since I need the same answer as you. Our customer sends texts to employees and they accept with the "choice". It's kinda legal document and the accepted form should not be changed even by a global admin. Hope someone can help us here.




@Tanya Buddle unfortunately you can't lock it once it's gone live; anyone with the Share to Collaborate link can edit it even after it's live.

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