How can we constraint user to fill Daily Microsoft forms upto 1AM to 10PM only?

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I want to create a survey through Microsoft form, but I want this to fill during a specific time period only. And additionally only want to allow user to fill future date only. Example form : Requirements: - This link should be fillable between 1AM to 10PM daily? - User should not able to select Historic date in above form. I have also "Power Automate" available with me, is there any way through I can achieve above requirement? Please help me with the above requirement. Regards, Ghanshyam

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@Ghanshyam_Savaliya you can't do this with Microsoft Forms as a) there is no way to have a daily 1am to 10pm window for the form to be completed in, and b) there is no functionality to only permit a date in the future (a uservoice request for that is here).


Additionally there is nothing that will help you here with Power Automate as it can only work on the submitted form. I suppose if you were saving the results in a SharePoint list you could send an email back to the user if they submitted the form outside the window or entered a past date and ask them to re-submit the form and not save it to the list. But that's a bit of a clunky workaround.


To achieve what you want would need a Power Apps form but that will only work if all the users are in your organisation.


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