How can users edit their Microsoft form response after submitting


I sent out a form and a couple of the respondents want to change their responses but this is what they see and no way forward. I have the setting to allow users to edit their responses turned on.




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The respondent needs to click the 'Save and edit later' button after submitting the answer. If they miss it, they won't be able to change their answer again, even if they refresh the page.


Click "Submit" button to submit the response.



In Thank You page, click "Save and edit later" button, form taker will be prompted to sign in.



After sign in, form taker will be redirected to Forms portal and see a Form Card shown under Recent tab.



Click the card, the response form will be opened, and click "Edit response" button to edit and resubmit the response.



Thank you for this very clear explanation of the edit functionality in Microsoft Forms, @Dingkun Xie 


Based on my very informal testing, it would appear that a form responder is only able to edit a submitted form one time. Is that accurate?


To clarify:

  1. User completes form and submits.
  2. Upon submission, user clicks on the "Save and Edit later" option. (See "First Submission" image below)
  3. A link to the recently submitted form is placed in the "Recent" section of their MS Forms.
  4. User clicks on the link in the "Recent" section of their MS Forms to open their submission.
  5. User clicks on the "Edit" link in the top right-hand corner of the form in order to edit responses.
  6. User edits responses and clicks submit. This time, however, the option to "Save and Edit later" is no longer shown. (See "Edited Submission image below)

First Submission


Edited Submission



Thanks in advance for your continued assistance with this!



Actually, I think that I have answered my own question with some additional informal testing. Although the "Save and Edit later" button does not appear after the second submission, the form does remain editable via the link on the user's Microsoft Forms page under the "Recent" items. Thanks again!