How can I reset the results?

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I created a form and quiz. Tested a couple of times and made changes on the question and sections. I deleted all the responses, but when I submit a new one, the ID continues from the ones I've already deleted. I'm also using power automate to populate a spreadsheet on sharepoint as soon as a response is submitted. Because of the changes, my table now is giant because it is just adding the adjustments to the previous versions

How do I reset everything to keep only the final version?

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I think this should be able to be done by

1.) Going into and copy the form so you create a new one with all the right fields and no responses
2.) Amend the flow to use the new form in Power Automate
3.) Remove all the responses on the spreadsheet in SharePoint or create a new spreadsheet and adjust the Flow

Hope that helps and answers your question

Best, Chris

Hello Rontomizawa, 

I hope you are doing great. 

I am facing the same struggle with a quiz that I have created with O365 that was linked to an excel sheet on one drive & I was wondering how have you managed to link the points for each question to the excel sheet since I couldn't find them in Power Automate's Dynamic content.