How can a user logout of a Form?

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I have a Microsoft Form that I have shared with a group. They are accessing this form on a generic laptop that shows a document with a link they click to get to the form The form requires them to login. Once they submit the form and close the browser, the next user will click the link login to the form and so on... The problem is when the next user clicks the link the browser opens and they are NOT prompted to login as the previous user is still logged in. there appears to be no way for the previous user to logout unless they navigate to office 365 and logout. While it seems a ridiculous thing to ask, how do you logout of a form that has been shared with you?

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@Ken Peck 

Did you ever find a fix for this? I am baffled at how little information I have found on this.

Search microsoft form and the u already on your account after that click your profile, click log out and ur done

@helO_ That doesn't work for this situation