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I saw this feature on the forms blog which allows for questions from one form to be re-used in another, but it's not working for me. Has this feature been activated yet? Seems a bit hit or miss as well- Forms makes suggestions based on how similar the title is- but how is this decided? I want to make small quizzes for my class, and then to re-use the questions in a bigger quiz later on- is there any way to copy questions from one quiz/form to another one?

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@Matt_Dal you can copy a whole form to a new one. When you are in the screen with your forms, click the 3 dots at the top right of the form and select Copy.


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Thanks for the suggestion @RobElliott but this is a pretty patronizing response. I am quite aware that I can copy a quiz or form, but I want to amalgamate several. When you copy a form it creates, well, a copy of that form- I want to copy the questions to somewhere more specific, and insert them into a different form. In short, I want to create a question bank. I hope that's a bit clearer, thanks for trying.

@Matt_Dal wow, that's the first time on the Forms, SharePoint or Power Platform forums that I have ever heard anyone accused of being patronising. And it's made me really quite angry. We're not Microsoft employees; we provide answers in our own time that we hope will be helpful based on our knowledge and experience. We might be answering a question for someone with a lot of prior knowledge who just needs to know something specific, or it might be their first day. We have no way of knowing what your level of knowledge & experience is.


If you start calling people patronising they won't bother to suggest solutions anymore.


No there is no way to have a question bank. See the uservoice request for this at https://microsoftforms.uservoice.com/forums/386451-welcome-to-microsoft-forms-suggestion-box/suggest...


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