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Sorry if this has been covered before but I have two follow up questions (Q2 and Q3) routed of the first question (Q1) I have tried doing this via branching but regardless of the show or navigating options, the questions are still required.


Whilst, yes, they are required when they are shown, they should not be required if they are hidden.


How can I get round this?




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Would something like this work using branching? I have mocked it up for you to look at here




Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Hi Chris,

Is that done in basic forms or Forms Pro?


I think that is where the functionality isn't working...




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The one above is in Forms, this is in Pro




It can get near what you need, the navigation is as you need and the questions. What seems to be the limitation here is regarding setting the follow up questions to required. If you do set them to required and then go through a branch and try to complete the survey, then it prevents you finishing as you haven't answered the questions in the other branch. 


This exact issue has been identified here in this uservoice


So, I would say you can get there or there abouts, but the follow up questions will have to be set to not required otherwise users can't finish the survey. I have voted for the uservoice - will be great to see Microsoft pick up this uservoice soon.


Hope this answers your question.


Best, Chris


Hi Chris,

Yes, I've also voted for it as it's quite a simple concept in a survey.

Thanks for the heads up.