Help with Sharing Results of a Survey

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I am new to Forms. I recently created a Form that was used to vote for employee of the month; 16 pre-defined people would be voting. I did not want the responses to be anonymous (to me) because I needed to check to make sure everyone voted. I would like to share the results with those 16 voters now that the voting is completed, but I have a few questions:


  1. Not sure what clicking "Post Results" will do ?
  2. If I share the results- or Post Results -, will the respondents be able to see who voted for which nominees? I would like for that to remain private. It's okay for them to see who voted, just not who voted for whom. Will they be able to see each person's answers like I can?  (I did see that I can save a .pdf of the results graph).
  3. I had two questions on the form. Each person voted for a 1st and 2nd choice candidate. First choice was worth 1.5 points and 2nd choice was worth 1 pt. Is there a way to get a combined point total for each answer (nominee)? I had to manually calculate them.  For example, someone got 6 votes, the point value was 1.5 but the score showed as 6 votes instead of 9 points.


Any help is appreciated!!

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