Having text question visible only when rated poorly?

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Seems like a basic feature, maybe i'm missing something. 

I can see how branching works, but there is no criteria attached to it.



Please rate your experience question would be a 5 star rating question. If response is below 3 stars, I would like follow up question to be available to explain why (but not visible unless the rating scores low). 


I see in text fields a "restrictions" options that allows you to enter a number greater than, less than, etc, but it doesn't seem to relate to anything (not eve sure what it's there for). Like I said, seems like a simple feature built into any survey application... so i'm really hoping that Forms isn't "too" simple. 

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I don't see any branching criteria, either. I definitely see the value of branching criteria, but Forms isn't that complex yet--if that idea isn't already on UserVoice, I'd encourage you to add it.

I see it's already mentioned in the 3rd top request.... back in November. Moving on while we wait...

Agree that branching based on a user's rating would be lovely, especially in regard to customer satisfaction.