Have microsoft published the limitations on Forms?

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As the subject says- is there a list of the limitations on Forms? There appear to be some in terms of the number of questions, number of options, and (importantly for me) the amount of branching. Have microsoft published anything on this?

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we have not yet published all limitation and thanks for the suggestions. Forms does not have limitation on amount of branching.


Thanks for getting back to me. I seem to be running into an issue with this. My form has 42 questions at the moment. The form is structured so that the first three questions are the same, but then it splits a lot, before they all rejoin towards the end. Some of these have 30-40 options, all of which need to branch. I have added branching, however there seems to be a limit as i cannot add branching to all the options on every question with out getting the " Please reduce the number of questions or the text in the title or subtitle to save your changes." error.

The error suggests that I need to remove questions, however as the trigger appears to be me adding branching i am unsure how to proceed. Any guidance would be appreciated.


@Kathy Liu wrote:
we have not yet published all limitation and thanks for the suggestions.

Why not? It's pretty important to be able to compare/contrast other Forms/Survey tools that the average knowledge worker has at their disposal.

Kathy Liu - I'm not sure you are correct. Just like Sam, we are running into an issue with Forms that seems to be highly related to branching. We have a form with a few initial questions with many answers each, all of which impact branching. We get an error "Please reduce the number of question options or text in the title/subtitle to save your changes." This happens even though the form saved successfully prior to adding the branching to the answers.


We rearranged the order of the form somewhat and were able to get past this issue, using a work-around that caused us to have to repeat one of our questions 7 times in order to reduce the amount of branching.


If you contact me privately, I can share a link to the form so you can see how complex it is. I would also be happy to demonstrate the problem over screen share during a skype call. Attached is a screen shot of the error - the questions with the branching are not the specific questions shown on the screen, as the error appears when we switch from branching editing to go back to question editing, and the upper right corner shows "saving" for a long time, then finally we get this error.

I put together a blog post and infographic recently on the Microsoft Forms Limits and Boundaries.

Hopefully this helps... 



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I am using 189 Items in a Dropdown of of 8 to 10 Quations. I have Questions with 189 Items, Still it says "Please reduce the number of question options or text in title/subtitle to save your changes." 


Mircrosft Team: Is there any possibility to accept 189 Items.