Group Forms is missing from Microsoft Forms

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I've got a number of forms contained in Groups, but when I load Forms now I'm missing the Group Forms option, I've only got My Forms and Shared Forms. But the experience isn't stable, sometimes it appears and sometimes it doesn't. And the form I've just created doesn't even appear, except sometimes it does!!!


Can anyone help please as this is really annoying and frustrating at the moment as I'm constantly having to go back to my browser history to find the relevant forms.


I did have a trial of Forms Pro - would that have caused a problem like this?

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Anyone ? I have the same problem...

@LindaPh , I have the same problem.  Very strange.  At least one team is missing from the Forms list of possible destinations for moving a form.

@LindaPh having the same issue...

@Joseph Boland 




It seems to have stabilised for me and I haven't had any missing forms for a couple of months now. If you check today is the same thing still happening? 

@LindaPh Thanks for the updates. Did you do anything to make the option appear again? Where is your "Group form" Option now?

For me, this just happened today.  I believe it is the change of format. The groups been moved to underneath instead of sitting next to "Shared with me". 

I got same issues with MS. Forms missing in Group share. Anyone can help?



hi. were you able to figure it out? i am still missing my group forms