Grading in Forms is slow to the point of being unusable

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Not sure if this is the right place to report bugs/poor optimization. Let me know if I should post this somewhere else:


What I'm trying to do:

Manually enter or revise the automatic grades of responses to my Microsoft Forms, specifically in the "Questions" view (as opposed to the individual "Responses").


The Issue:

When grading Forms in the "Questions" view of the web version of Forms (chrome) OR within the Forms window in Teams, the software is slow/laggy to the point of being unusable.


Possibly relevant information:
1) I experience the issue on a 2015 Mac Book Pro, when I enter grades into forms using a gaming computer, there is less lag.

2) Looking at my computer CPU usage in the Activity Monitor program, use of the Google Chrome (GPU) and Google Chrome Helper (Renderer) spike massively when I try to change grades.


This makes me think some sort of optimization issue in the code, but I'm not sure. As a user I can deal with some lag, but again it's excessive, I have to wait ~20s after changing a single grade, which adds up with a lot of students/responses.


If there are any workarounds or other considerations please let me know.




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