Global Administrator with no access to Forms they didn't create after disabled 30+ days

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I am at a loss and trying to figure out how best to manage Microsoft Forms.


When people create a Microsoft Forms form, as a Global Administrator, I have NO idea that they do so; we have 1000's of people in our company.  People are hired and leave all the time.  I find out ONLY after the fact, 90% of time MORE than 30 days AFTER they leave.  To not have any type of USEFUL administration is amazingly frustrating for my customers.


I have a form that was given to me to FIX when I, as a global admin click on it:

Sorry, something went wrong
Please make sure you have permission to access this form.
I can't do anything, and the form is "useless" and now people keep filling out the form only to be discouraged as no one gets back to them as the form is NOT accessible by "anyone."  
Can I at least SOMEHOW copy the form or DELETE it at the least.  I feel that this Microsoft Forms form is just going to be around and cause frustration and lack of confidence in others.
I don't want to move to a group or anything and I know that I can transfer ownership BEFORE 30 days, however I RARELY get that notice.
Thank you.
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