Giving feedback to students once they have completed a Form.

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I am a new user and am currently working with both Teams and Forms.
I have created Forms and attached them to a Quiz in Microsoft Teams. My students have completed the quiz and I have gone through and added a comment to every answer. My question is how do my students get to view me individual comments. When the assignment is returned to the student, when they click on their link it just says that they can't complete the form because they can only answer once.


How can students view my feedback for each answer?

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@mclarennI'm not sure if you saw my response above, but it might be helpful in understanding your issue with feedback from a previously created form.

HIi@Damien Rosario 


I was wondering if you could help.  I've posted scores for a quiz/assessment that I made on forms and my students are wondering how to see my comments and their grades.  They use Teams and I was wondering how they can see their personal results and my feedback through teams?  Or do they have to log into microsoft365 to see it? They are not good at using the computer and as I am not able to see what they see, I find it hard to give advice.  I have managed to post the class results (not grades) on teams, but they really need to see their own work.

I am new to forms and have created forms as students can access them easily but am struggling with how I can give feedback, can you help me?



Hi,  once a student has submitted it, you will see it in you responses tab.  You can then choose to review answers.  Next to each question you will see a few icons that look like speech bubble, if you click on it a text box will appear.  You can then type in your feedback.  Once you have given feedback to every question you want and marked the form, you can then post scores.  This will enable the student to see their completed form with your feedback on it, when they click on the original link.  I hope that helps.@Annette2021 

@Damien Rosario I have tried this and the share link doesn't work after posting selected responses, it just takes me back to the original form to fill out again. Can you help? 

Also, is it possible to clarify whether, when this method works, one respondent can see everyone's feedback, or whether individual respondents can only see the feedback for their response? 


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HI, I'm not an expert, but the method should work.  You need to make sure that when you create the form you have set the settings so that students can only submit one response.  Then when they click the link again it will only take them to their completed form.   I hope this helps.


As far as I can tell they can only see their own form and feedback.@dweber810 

Thanks. Do you know if this works if I change the setting to "only submit one response" *after* they've submitted their responses?

Sorry, unsure, but its worth a try.  You may need to resend the link after you have made changes, but it shouldn't mean students have to resubmit.@dweber810 

Hi @dweber810 


If you had Only people in my organization can respond and Record name turned on, it will detect that the user has already filled in the quiz and stops them from doing it again.


The quiz/form links do not change so you should be ok on this front.


Side note, nice contributions @Csin16 .


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