Giving feedback to students once they have completed a Form.

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I am a new user and am currently working with both Teams and Forms.
I have created Forms and attached them to a Quiz in Microsoft Teams. My students have completed the quiz and I have gone through and added a comment to every answer. My question is how do my students get to view me individual comments. When the assignment is returned to the student, when they click on their link it just says that they can't complete the form because they can only answer once.


How can students view my feedback for each answer?

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Unfortunately I have been unable to solve this problem. I am currently ‘printing’ each student’s response (with my comments) directly to OneNote and putting it into their online notebook. This is an arduous process but at least the children can see the feedback.
Have you managed to sort this?
Sort of! I just need to wait until my students are enrolled through the organisation in September and then it should work. At the moment they are coming in as guests which doesn’t allow the feedback.
Hi. Yes that makes sense. I often use MS forms to set quizzes and give individual feedback to students via MS forms. They just click on the same link and they can see their feedback. Hope all goes well in September for you :thumbs_up:

@AlexanderHall85 This seems like a great workaround - can you post the steps that explain how you did this? I was really hoping that Microsoft surpassed Google in this respect - because kids can't see comments on a Google Form either - but I'm disappointed that they haven't thought of that. 

If the students have a microsoft account through school then they will be able to see individual feedback you give them for sure. I use it all the time.

@SciTeach81 Really? Through an email account? My kids are too young - 6th grade - to receive emails. Can they see it in their 365 account? What app do they use? I am trying to train my teachers to move from Google to Microsoft, and I am really looking for advantages to making this Herculean shift!

Sorry, yes through their 365 account. As long as the form is set up correctly, once the responses are viewed, feedback is given and scores posted. All they then need to do is click back on the link you gave them to access their feedback. I hope this helps.
If you need more help please just ask



I have conducted many quizzes and it is super easy for the students to see our feedback.


All they need to do is first login to with their ID and after logging in, then they should once again click the link of the quiz.


Do make sure that you post their scores before they click the link again. If you need help on how to post scores, let me know.



I see that the student can see the main comment on the entire quiz, but are your students able to see the individual comments made on each question?


I am not seeing the result I'm looking for and would appreciate it if you wouldn't mind assisting with your experience.

@Damien Rosario Hi Damien!

I followed your steps you shared but I am still running into trouble having students access this information.

My students are in my organization but when they open the link I provided it says this link is closed. Do I need to change the settings?

  • @houstondavid25 I THINK we can. The Forms we set as assignments are found in a different section of FORMS, under groups. LGT73_0-1602680634183.png


    I have yet to test this out myself, but if you access the Form through there, hopefully it will work ok

Yes, if you give feedback on individual questions, then they will also be able to see this feedback. I feel that the best way to set this up is to add comments when you create the quiz. When adding a question you can add a note when students select the wrong answer. This would save a lot of time rather than going through every students who gets each one wrong. Hope this helps 👍🏾
I would not set an end date if I were you as once the date is reached students are no longer able to see their feedback. As long as you set the quiz to only allow a single response, any time they click on the li k after completion they will be led to their feedback.

Hi @DSchiestel 


I agree with @SciTeach81 's response on this. Give it a go and let us know if you run into any issues.


The knowledge sharing in this thread is really useful and it's great to bounce ideas around to find what works.


Great team effort folks!


Cheers and best wishes



P.S. With regard to any concerns around students doing the test after it is meant to be taken, even if they do, the results spreadsheet will show when the test was taken so you can vet any late responses.

@Damien Rosario @SciTeach81 -- thank you for your response!

I had originally set an end date because it was a timed assessment. So I gave feedback, posted the scores, and then changed the 'start and end date' settings (removed them) and students were able to see their feedback/review their results!

@AlexanderHall85 There is an easy solution to your problem. It is possible for students to see there feedback on individual questions through Teams. It has to do with the type of form created and assigned. If you want students to see individual feedback then when you create the Form, you have to create a Quiz type Form, as opposed to a Form type Form regardless whether the Form is being used to collect information or is being marked as a Quiz. When you create the assignment in Teams (Assignments tab>Create>Quiz) you can then attach the Quiz Form that you created.

Students will be able to see the individual question feedback when you return the Assignment. I find it is helpful to paste in a generic comment to the Overall feedback box saying something along the lines of "Please see the individual questions for specific feedback". 

Unfortunately, this doesn't solve the problem for any previously created Forms. You might want to see my post and the discussion here for a solution on getting the feedback from previously created Forms in an Excel sheet

However, if you create the Forms all as quizzes in the future, it will avoid the issue. No need to PowerAutomate or create Flows here:)

In response to your idea, I followed the steps exactly, and got the same thing as the previous comment; all students just see the original blank Form. They are all students in my organisation, and if I follow the same link, I go there as well, so it's not an issue of who is or isn't in your organisation.



In your original form settings do you have it so that it is one response per person?