Giving feedback to students once they have completed a Form.

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I am a new user and am currently working with both Teams and Forms.
I have created Forms and attached them to a Quiz in Microsoft Teams. My students have completed the quiz and I have gone through and added a comment to every answer. My question is how do my students get to view me individual comments. When the assignment is returned to the student, when they click on their link it just says that they can't complete the form because they can only answer once.


How can students view my feedback for each answer?

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@AlexanderHall85 within Forms itself that isn't possible. What you would need to do is to save the Forms response to a SharePoint list via a flow in Power Automate. That list would need a column for your comment. Then when your comment is added i.e the SharePoint list item is modified - the flow would trigger and send an email to the form responder with their answers and your comment.


Let me know if you need the detailed steps to make this happen.


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this is exactly what I am going to attempt to do. cant use assignments on Teams as whoever set up the platforms added channels instead of actual classes, so now I am going to create some questions via Forms but I would also like to be able to give feedback. I was aware that you probably cannot do this with Forma but i'm not clear on this Share Point feature @RobElliott 

@RobElliott i would like to know the steps for this please, as currently using forms for quizzes and need to feed back to the learners.

@AlexanderHall85 We are having the same problem here.


Has any one found a video, or set of instructions, another teacher/lecturer has put up on how to use share point with teams? 

@MissWilson @DebiWood I'll post up the steps as quickly as possible, hopefully later today.


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@RobElliott Great and thanks for the help.... It been a little frustrating after typing loads of detailed feedback only to find the students couldn't see it. 

I would like to see this too, please as our whole organization is now using MS Teams [about 100 schools] and I can share this important feedback. thanks MichElle12

@RobElliott   Hi Rob, have you managed to sort out the steps to save the comments on the forms?  Best regards  DW


@Roy_ClarkeI just found out that my students have not been able to read my comments which I have poured my heart and soul into. 


I would like this information as well, please.  Thank you!

Hi @AlexanderHall85 and co


Using Quiz in Forms does allow the capturing and showing of the answers and comments to the students.


The issue is when you create the Forms tab in Microsoft Teams, it is only set to collecting responses. 


The solution would be to go into Forms design view, get the Share link and send it to your students (or post it in the Channel where the Quiz tab is). That will take them to the results.


Here's s the high level steps to try:


1. After you Review answers and post your feedback, head over to Post scores.




2. Under Not yet posted, tick the quiz (or select all) and click Post scores. Note that you can also preview the results before posting to see what the students will see.




3. Go back to Form design page and click onto Share and under Send and collect responses, click Copy.




4. Go into your Channel in Microsoft Teams, @team (to ensure all students will be notified), paste the forms link and post your message.


This should allow the students to see the final result and your well drafted comments.




Hope that does the trick?


Cheers and best wishes


@Damien Rosario 


Thank you for the solution, I have yet to try it but at least it should be a work around,  Cheers

No worries, @DebiWood. Please let us know how you go!


Cheers and best wishes


Hi Damien


I tried this method but they can still only see the original questions (without any feedback). I've posted their scores and copied the link... 


Perhaps this is because they are not in my 'organisation'?



@Damien Rosario Damien Rosario 

Hi @jojoella 


In that scenario, I wouldn't expect it to work for anyone outside your organisation as there would be no way (that I know of) to authenticate the responder for them to see the results that relate to them.


My suggested steps were for students within your organisation as they can sign into their accounts which would then show them their results.


Best wishes


Thanks Damien, I understand. There seems to be quite a few limitations in this scenario - a little frustrating as it was the quickest and easiest way to get my students enrolled. Hopefully next time will be easier - if we're back to 'normal'.
Thanks again! Jo

@Damien Rosario 

Thanks this was really helpful- but, will this mean that all respondents will be able to see each others grades and comments?  



Hi @Melsie_T 


No, they should only see their own results by their login.






Hi I was looking at your suggested trouble shoot.


I don't think I can use flow to resolve my problem. 


I make the forms (in forms obviously) but then assign them in assignments in microsoft teams. Am I right in saying the troubleshoot you suggest does not work. I would have to set them the link and then make all my feedback in Forms rather than Teams?


Alexander, I saw that you posted in another forum about this where the Microsoft Engineers seemed to be none the wiser of this issue. Did you get anywhere with it?


Thanks in advance