Getting numbers in textboxes with a comma recognised as numbers

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I have a form in which the numbers in a textbox are formated: txtMyNumber=FormatNumber(txtMyNumber,2) which shows as eg 34.21 but if over 1000 then eg 1,234.89.

When I want to write the numbers in the spreadsheet I say ActiveCell.offset(3,0) = val(txtMyNumber)

This works fine if txtMyNumber is less than 1000 ie 34.21 is 34.21 BUT 1,234.89 is not recognised as a number and comes out as 1.00.

How do I turn txtMyNumber ie "1,234.89" back to "1234.89" to get number recognition?


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@Sue Are you talking about a form in Power Apps or some other product? I ask because formatting of numbers is not possible in standard Microsoft Forms.


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