getting 2 different value in one record (In one row 2 drop downs to be selected)

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I am sure above subject not is not too much clear.

I will explain as below.


I am sharing a MSForms link within the organization to capture there skills.

So I need there response with, which skill they have and how many years.2 Input fields in one go.


Skills set is defined. (May be around 30) . Experience list is also defined.(4 Options).

I need to have 2 dropdowns close by. And of course a user would have many skills.So many records should be entered (One record meant is - One particular skill with its experience).


If I visualize in a picture as follows. (As above a user can add more skill records )

If there is no solution from MS Forms is there any work arounds.



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@suresh_abe123 You can do this easily with Forms if you use likert scale questions with each skill as a statement and the experience along the top. You can have up to 20 statements in each likert scale question so with approximately 30 skills you'll need to have 2 likert questions in your form.




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