Generating separate rows from a multiple selection in forms

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I have created a form (for a school) that allows teachers to enter data about students. They can select one or more students from a pre-populated list.


When a teacher selects multiple students, all are exported to excel on the same row. Is there a way of generating a row for each student, duplicating the data for every other question.


For instance, the teacher might select Jim, Bob, and Johnny. Then select that they all want to play football in the next question. I would like the resulting excel spreadsheet to record:

            Column A       Column B

Row 1   Jim                 Soccer

Row 2   Bob                Soccer

Row 3   Johnny           Soccer


While I could do this once in Excel, the user who will be looking at the spreadsheet is not a proficient user. Is there a way to make forms export to excel in the above manner?


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@mfyfield not with Forms on its own, you would need to create a flow in Power Automate but even there dealing with multi-choice questions can get a bit complex.


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Cheers @RobElliott - I feared that might be the case. Oh well - I'll just have to get the teachers to enter them one by one. They shan't be happy :)