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Hi, looking for help

I want to use MS Forms to generate an email where the subject and body are based on responses to questions within a form. The email is to be submitted to Service Desk email address so it creates a ticket from the email. 

the To address will be fixed but the from email needs to be the responders email address and the subject needs to be response to a description field. Body of the email will be response to detailed description field.


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@AltourGW we use Forms as the front end for our IT Support Ticket System which has handled over 30,000 tickets in the last 3 years with just 1 attachment allowed (but not mandatory) for each response. You will need to build a flow in Power Automate to do this as this cannot be done with Forms on its own. We save each response to a SharePoint list.


But "the from email needs to be the responders email address" is not possible as the flow will use YOUR connection as the creator of the flow and you won't have send permissions on the submitter's email account.


We always save the responder's email address into the title column of the SharePoint list and send the confirmation email to the responder and the "new ticket" email to the IT Team based on the SharePoint list item as we can then include the ID number which serves as the ticket number.


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