gather live feedback with 'Present' button in MS Forms

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When I navigate to and create a new form I have - next to the 'collect responses' button als a 'Present' option. 
When clicking this I have the ability to demo a question during a meeting in a room with audience and the QR to that form/question is presented on screen. All the feedback (TEXT type question) is added in a word cloud .. VERY NICE 

Although I have this option, my colleagues don't have this... we both have an E3 license... 
How can we make sure he (and the rest of my colleagues) also gets this option?



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This is a new feature that's rolling out and not all tenants have it yet (including mine). I assume that only the form owner will have it.
well even when he is the form owner he does not have it ;)
and we 'live' in the same tenant..

But I assume it is just having a bit more patience - THX @RobElliott
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@Tessa_van_Roekel this only for form/quiz owners - we are rolling out this brand new feature globally. It’s on early progression stage, will hit general availability in coming weeks. Thanks for the feedback.