Forward form to another person to complete their part?

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I'm new to Forms and am hoping the following can be done as it will open up huge opportunities at my university. Is there a way for say a student to fill out their part of a form (Part A), then indicate who their  supervisor is who then receives the form to complete Part B? Basically a workflow for a form that needs to be completed by more than one person, but the 2nd person isn't known in advance and varies per student.


Many thanks, Des

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@brummoi a form can only be completed by 1 person and cannot be forwarded on in the way you describe. The only way to do this is for the user to complete "their" form questions and select the email address of the supervisor from a choice question. Then a flow in Power Automate grabs this and saves it to a list in SharePoint and emails the supervisor with a dynamic link to the item in the SharePoint list where the supervisor adds their data.


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