FormsPro Tips, Tricks and Questions of my own: Text field validation, labels and the like...

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So was just reading yet another amazing blog from Megan Walker ( on using regular expression for field validation. Almost as an after thought she shows how for a text field you can change the description in the type-in field.


So instead of "Enter your answer" (boring) you can put in anything like: "Example: (123)555-1212"


It appear that you can only do this for fields that are validated via regular expression so to use it in any text field for any value just put ".*" in the regex field (this means any text) and now you can change the type-in descriptor.


I also saw that FormsPro (well at least I think it's FormsPro) recognizes certain text field labels and presents a quick list of addresses you have saved in your browser. This might be a feature of the browser and not FormPro.


Has anyone else seen this behavior - and if so is there any patterns?

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I think the quick list is just browser cache, try to do the same in a private session and see if you still have that quick list.

@CYappert - thanks for the comments about my blog. Glad you find them useful. 


I've not seen the issue you've mentioned. Can you share a screenshot? Would be interesting to see what is happening for you. 



On further investigation .. it does appear to be a browser thingie. I can't seem to get to appear now .. but I know I saw it before ... even after having my coffee.


TY for monitoring this thread.


--- craig