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In the original Microsoft Forms, we have the ability to export individual responses to print or save PDF versions. However, I've noticed in FormsPro, we only have the ability to export responses to Excel. Photo below is original version of Forms.


When will users be able to print/save individual responses to PDF in FormsPro?





Forms Print.png

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Hi @Jacquai,

I have raised a uservoice here for you

Would recommend to vote to push it up the agenda.

An alternative way to achieve this would be to use Microsoft Flow to do the job.

However, I made the assumption that you would like the feature to be in Microsoft Forms Pro itself, like it is in Microsoft Forms so raised the uservoice.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks! @Christopher Hoard I'll be sure to vote it up. There are a couple existing forms we use that I would love to move to the Pro version. Until we can print individual responses, I can't move them.

Hi @Jacquai,


Another way, if you are viewing records in CDS, would be to create a Word Document Template to do this. Agreed, it would be better in FormsPro itself, but certainly a work around.