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How can I make a daily reports program through the forms so that a group of employees can include their daily statistics and they appear in a single sheet, for details I want to talk to an expert in the forms

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@rub89a you can always use the spreadsheet behind the form. Apart from that there are no features in Microsoft Forms which will do this for you. So the way I would do this is to build a flow in Power Automate to save each employee's response into a SharePoint list. You could save it into an Excel table but my preference is always for a SharePoint list. Then in the flow the trigger would be a recurrence schedule set to run at, for example, 0700 each day. The flow would get the items for the previous day and create an html table which is sent out to you or other managers in a single email with the details submitted for the previous day.  You could finesse this by having a separate table for each employee. And of course once the information is in SharePoint you can do calculations and other data analysis on it.


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