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We have two forms of approximately 50 questions going out globally across the company for response.  The forms were generated from excel so that all of the question updates would update the excel as we made changes, in addition to the responses would update the excel as they came in and we could use powerquery and PBI to analyze these files and see updates as responses come in.  The forms are ready to go out and now we would like to consider some translated options, depending upon what is involved and what that means with what we have completed to date. 


Looked on-line and the following is not clear:

1.  If we want the surveys to be available to view in multiple languages (up to 11 including default) - what are the steps to accomplish this?  Does that result in the translation of everything automatically?

2. What is the source of the translation? Wondering about the accuracy of the translation if the form concentrates on specific terminology for example - finance, manufacturing, etc.

3.  Do these need to be saved as different surveys and if so does that mean the responses will not feed into the original excel that was generated in the default/primary language (in this case English)?

4.  Will the responses be translated into English into the responses section in both Forms and in the Excel as responses come in?  Will it also bring in the foreign currency responses and could that be suppressed (at least from the excel)?

5. Can one link be sent out to the users and when the user accesses the link it will show the 'form' in their 'default language' and if that is not one of the (up to 11) choices then it would show in the default/primary i.e. English?  I read somewhere you can add "&lang=de" to the end of the link for the respective language but not sure what that does exactly and how you confirm the correct language code to go with the selections in the multilingual options (not to mention if that messes up the excel responses we set up when we connected forms to excel).


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