Forms total points column content missing in excel

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Hi all,


I have used Forms now for many months and used to check the quiz results by downloading excel sheet. Everything has worked fine till last week: on downloaded excel the total points column can be seen but there is no points/numbers in the colmn (like it used to be). I have not made any changes on the original quiz.


Can somebody help? How can I get the total points showing in excel again.




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I'm having the same issues here @Petra_Lattunen .


Previously (last Year) there were issues when the number of responses went over 2000 then I believe this was fixed.


Can I ask how many responses your report has?  I just wonder if that is part of the problem or whether it is a wider issue.

Thank you for your reply@Andrew Young ,


I was wondering the same issue, but there is only 580 responses on my quiz so perhaps that´s not the issue or what do you think?

I've tested with as little as 5 responses and the still the points don't show. So there must be an issue with MS FORMS from there end.
Ok, what can I do next? Any suggestions?



I don't know if there is a way we can report this to microsoft or MS FORMS admin or something.


As a work around, I completed the quiz with all the questions answered correctly and then added an 'IF' function in the points column to check against the correct answer, if correct return a '1' if not a '0'.


Finally added a sum function in the total points column to added them all up.


Shouldn't have to do it and its a pain but its a workaround until they fix it.  Depending on how many questions you have this is either a minor task or a major one.



I'm having the exact same issue. Columns in Excel just come out empty since last week. What gives?


I'm having exactly the same problem. I would appreciate a solution to MS before the new school year begins.


Looks like it's been fixed. I just opened the excel of a forms and the total points column with the results already appears. Thanks microsoft

Hooray, it works! Indeed thank you Microsoft. An thank you all about your help and support!