forms to populate word template and generate file

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Currently we have an interactive word template form, where we fill in each field and print off for sign off.

However, I understand we can do this on MS Forms in Sharepoint.

The process is

1. User fills in a form, created on MS Office 365 Forms. We have a Document Number and this needs to be auto-generated. However, we need this to start from say 700

2. These Fields are captured into our existing Word Template. And a file is created with file name in format "PRF-xxxx"

3. This Document now goes to "Approver001" for approval.

4. Then it foes to "Approver002" for approval.

5. After both these approvals, we need these fields to populate another Word Document Template. thiis document will have its on "Document Number" which again needs to be auto-generated.

6. The final Word file is created with name in format "PO-xxxx"

7. These fields and genrated documents (links) must populate a sharepoint list.

can we do this using Forms - Sharepoint List - Flows?

Appreciate your advise and help

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