Forms tab disappearing from Teams

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I've added a forms tab to my Team and it loads, then vanishes before my eyes. I've added other apps and they are fine and stay. The form is functional and in use. I'm not sure what the issue could be? Is this A Thing?

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I'm having the exact same issue. I'm thinking it is because I am listed as a member of the team as opposed to the owner, but I haven't verified that.

I'm the owner of this channel and I have other tabs that are staying. It's just MS Forms that isn't staying put!

@penwoman I have a similar issue with a custom app. It can be added as a tab, and opens successfully, then just disappears after a few seconds.

If anyone's finds a solution please post here :smile:.

@penwoman I am having the same problem and hope someone reports a solution.

Following - I have the same issue. I am the owner of the channel and today created a forms tab that then disappeared.

My colleague that responded still sees the tab.



I have managed to resolve my issue.
Please note my issue was similar to the Forms issue reported here, but for a Custom App instead:
After some experimentation, I found that when a Teams Admin user added the App as tab, it would stay in place, and the App would appear as an installed app under ...>Manage Team>Apps.
If a normal user added the App as a tab, the tab would appear for a few seconds, then disappear. Also, the app would not appear in under ...>Manage Team>Apps.
It turns out my app manifest included a request for permissions that a normal user cannot grant: "applicationPermissions": [
When I removed this entry, and uploaded the new manifest, everything was fine i.e. normal users could add the app as a tab.


I was having the same issue and then came across this. I am trying to use mine in a Private Channel


Private channels in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn


Currently, private channels support connectors and tabs (except Stream, Planner, and Forms). We're working on full apps support for private channels, including messaging extensions and bots.