Forms Suggestion - Data Capture in Separate Excel Files

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I don't know if you're still taking suggestions for O365 Forms and / or if my suggestions are already in the backlog... but here it goes.


I would like to pre-program a drop down list with departmental names.

When a person completes a Form they will select their department.

Their response should then be saved to / appended to an Excel spreadsheet depending on the department they select.


For example:

A form gets sent to all staff / students across three different departments: X, Y & Z.

All responses from people who complete the Form in department X get saved to spreadsheet A.

All responses from people who complete the Form in department Y get saved to spreadsheet B.

All responses from people who complete the Form in department Z get saved to spreadsheet C. 


I know, in this example, your suggestion may be to setup a separate Form for each department. However, having a feature that stores responses in different Excel files, dependent on a specific response to a question in a single Form would be useful for a multitude of scenarios. 


In specific terms, it would allow us to capture data across the University on a single form, but share the responses of each Excel file with the specific department, without breaching data protection regulations as they would only be able to access data relating to their own department.


I hope this makes sense...?!




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You're probably best off posting that suggesting in the Forms UserVoice site:

Hi Jim,


Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, you're right, currently Forms data only connects to one single Excel.

Does Filter + Copy and Paste or other manual process could be a workaround for you?




Hi Loryan,


That's a good idea. I've now created a post on UserVoice. Here's the link, please up vote if you like the suggested idea:


Hi Zhongzhong,

Having a manual process is to laborious. It should be relatively easy to automate this, which would increase productivity for all who require it.