Forms showing blank when language is not english on mobile

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It seems this problem started today. We have a multilingual Form. When used on a mobile app where the browser language is not english, the form shows blank; we have to select another survey language than switch back to the desired language  - using the form language option. The case that was reported to me is with French but I suppose it will do the same with Spanish.


Anyone knows if Microsoft has updated the Forms server yesterday?







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@Snaefellsnes I'm also having the same issue

Same issue on my side.
When web browser language is different from the defined Forms default language, it displays blank (only background is loaded) when users wants to open it.
Looking at page errors, it looks like following resources cannot be loaded:
Same issue here for us as well.

This started on Thursday or Friday when initially I thought it was related to caching or just iOS not being up to date and I can confirm its related to the OS language and issue occurs on PC, iOS and Android as multiples users confirmed the situation.

I am hoping for a quick resolution from Microsoft since this is affecting us big time with external users not filling the form at all since they think its not working.
Another bug related to this:
I made a copy of my multi-language form, decided to try having French as primary and English as my secondary it totally breaks the form.

On iOS I would have twice French Canada selection from the language selection inside forms while my iOS is in French. If I switch my iOS in English, form only loads in French and there's again 2 selections for French in the dropdown but both loads French.

They have messed up something in the language detection. So anyone with this issue do NOT try to have French as your primary language because you won't be able to even load the English version at all.