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Hello friends, 


I would like to receive an automatic e-mail with least reply when someone filling the form. I would like the email to contain the answers from the form as text (possibly as a PDF attachment).


Thank you

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@Ladislav_j you will need to build a flow in Power Automate for this. A very simple example is shown below:


Having the response saved as a PDF and attached to the email is a bit more complex so just start with the text version above then come back if you really do need a PDF.


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@RobElliott Hello friend, thank you for your help. I have problem in first step. Cant fing any my form. Thank you



@Ladislav_j If it's a group form or has more than 1 person who has edited it then it won't find the form and you need to paste in the form ID. You can get this from the Preview screen: it's everything after #FormID


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Hello friend, I'm trying:



but still

" The form ID in request URL is invalid.."

@Ladislav_j not sure I can help further; the form ID should be pasted in as shown below (as I said, it is the code AFTER #FormID). But if it doesn't find it then there's something else wrong. What happens if you build a new form and try to build the flow with that one?



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