Forms responses missing when Excel is opened

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I have created a Form in Office 365 Business and now have 81 responses.  When I try to open the responses in Excel, it only shows that I have 1 response.  Please advice.

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Just ran into this problem last week and now again today. I have 4 broken Forms I'm using for student assessments. @Zhongzhong Li, I pm'd you with the URLs

If you click the export to excel button the link will flash and be redirected. But if you copy and past it then change the false at the end to a true it will open a new spreadsheet that will have all your data in it. This is the only work around I have found. But you will have all your data this way. 



data. - change this false to a true

I don't have the export to excel option as the form was created within excel so it could be shared with staff
Thanks, I have sent it our engineer.


This resolved it for me perfectly!!!!

@Zhongzhong Li - please have the engineers update the "Open in Excel' link from 'false' to 'true'.  This worked for me!   However, when i open the excel file directly from OneDrive, the excel is strangely not updated.  It only works when I go to that URL directly (with 'true' at the end of the URL)

This does not work if you need to add formulas. For example, I need to know how long the form takes to complete and must add a column with a formula for time ended - time started. Any columns you have created do not come up when simply changing false to true, like they come up in onedrive when this is working the way it is supposed to. 

Guess I spoke too soon. D'oh! It works for my simple text-only form, but for formulas I guess that changes things. It's very strange that the data isn't instantly in the spreadsheet yet it's in the 'Responses' tab of the Form. It seems to work different than the old 'Excel surveys' where the data was stored instantly in the form, but now it seems to be stored separately and then synced down (very slowly or not at all unfortunately).

Hi @Justin Philip,


You could try the trick of change "false" to "true", it may solve your problem, but not always. That's why we didn't provide it as a official solution.


Actually we have a data sync service to make sure all of your responses get into the Excel workbook in real time. There may be random failure that the data sync action get failed, so we built up a retry system to redo the sync in every hours.


If your workbook met a fatal error after editing the workbook, which cannot be resolved by "retry", I will suggest to send the form URL for me. We will investigate the root cause and fix the problem on server side. 

Before we fix the root cause, even you get a new workbook with the "true of false" trick, you has high risk to meet the same error again.




Yes, you are right.


Data has been stored in Forms, and we sync the data into Excel workbook via Microsoft Graph / Excel REST API. I'm sorry for the error you have met, but we are actively working on the improvement with several partner teams.


Based on our design, customer could use all Excel features to analysis data in the workbook (e.g. formula, sort and filtering). Please be free to let us know if you find conflict between Forms data and Excel features.


Please could you fix my form to feed the responses in to original spreadsheet. I have tried false to true fix - it fixed it so I can see the responses but in a new spreadsheet. I need it to be in the original spreadsheet as I have some additional columns and other related tabs in that excel spreadsheet.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, I'm having the same problem. My form populated the Excel database (in OneDrive) for the first 16 responses. I tried copying the data from OneDrive and something must have happened to the connection. I can see new responses in the form, but not in the Excel sheet. I urgently need to be able to fix this. Thanks!

Hello.  I am having a similar issue to that described above.  We have an online form at work that I created and it has been working perfectly until today.  New responses to the form are in the Form Response tab, but they are not showing up in the online Excel document as before.  We did not change anything, it just stopped working.  I would really appreciate someone's help in getting this working.  I looked at the tip to change the "false" and "true" after clicking the Open in Excel button, but I do not see a false or true in the URL.  It just opens it in Excel automatically.  Thanks!

I have also sent you a Form link that has the same issue, please help




The true/false technique worked for me but is it a permanent fix or will every user who needs to view the form sheet have to do this every time the select the "open in excel" option? The staff will not have that level of techspertise.


The true/false technique worked for me but is it a permanent fix or will every user who needs to view the form sheet have to do this every time the select the "open in excel" option? The staff will not have that level of techspertise.


We have improved the reliability and performance for the data sync service based on the error cases people reported here.

At the same time, we are working on an official solution to help people generate a new live-synced workbook with Forms UI.

The false / true trick is not the official solution.  Once you try that URL, your form will disconnected with the original workbook, and generate a new workbook.


We cannot move the connection back to the original workbook.

Thanks for the update. Is there an ETA on the official fix?

The url flashes briefly before opening in excel. So, you'll need to catch it at the right time. In other words click the open in excel button then watch the url box for the link. You will see an =false at the end, change that to an =true.