Forms responses missing when Excel is opened

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I have created a Form in Office 365 Business and now have 81 responses.  When I try to open the responses in Excel, it only shows that I have 1 response.  Please advice.

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Pretty funny to see community members explaining the fix to the Microsoft team!

Thanks for this - worked fine for me!!!

I'm having a related issue:


I was working on a type of rudimentary ticketing system in which clients fill out the form and then our team can update status on the back end. 


Everything was working fine until I added our backend columns to assign and track.  Now it is no longer updating with new form submissions.


I'm guessing it is some sort of mapping issue but I can't find where I can fix it and there's little to no documentation or support... 



UPDATE:  Apparently it didn't break them but added them to row 1000+  ... no clue why and probably randomly making me file ginormous. but at least it still works... 


I've created a form that had 4 questions. The form was used by us to gather data in a bounty program, when we saw that we already had over 10000 completions, we decided that we needn't more so we changed the intro text of the form to inform them that the bounty is over.  Then we thought that we should delete the questions because we didn't want people to fill in more data. We did not download the CSV before deleting the questions and when we downloaded the CSV it was filled with 10000 + empty responses. The problem seems to be that if you delete a question it wil automatically delete the column from the csv that powers forms. Of course we did not know this and couldn't guess that it would delete even all the previous responses. So I think we need a previous version of the csv, before deleting the questions.
The form was exclusively handlet through 

This still seems to be broken. I have created a new Form for Excel within OneDrive, and when I open the Excel once responses have been gathered it's just a blank file with no data.


@Zhongzhong Li I sent you a private message regarding a similar problem, can you please check your messages?



Hi , I'm experiencing the same issue. Could you please help? I've sent the URL to your message. Our staffs are responding to our forms, but we only see some empty rows in excel. We need it immediately as we use the forms heavily to do our operational wors. Please kindly help.






I have the same problem with missing data in Microsoft forms.  I created a form and have received 188 responses, but only have 114 responses in excel.


The responses between 04/09/2018 and 04/23/2018 are not in the excel file.  I have tried adding =TRUE to the URL bot doesn't change.  Please advise.

best response confirmed by Zhongzhong Li (Microsoft)

Dear Forms customers,


Forms for Excel contains a live data connection to your form. Any new response data will be stored in your form, and also be reflected in your workbook. On occasion, the workbook may not contain the latest data for a number of reasons.

If this is the case, Forms provides a new feature, "Sync all responses to a new workbook", in order to “sync” your most recent responses to a new workbook. This new workbook will be stored next to your original workbook on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. This will ensure your data is up to date. Learn more about how to get missing data.


Sync all responses to a new workbook.png





I'm getting the same problem (30th May 2018). I was getting blank lines appear in Excel Online and have been deleting them. Users have now been telling me that they have been entering data on Microsoft Forms, but I thought they had done something daft like not pressing the Submit button. However, in forms responses I can now see they have indeed been entering data, but Forms / Excel Online have been messing things up. What a mess!

Note that I have Synced the Document Library used by the spreadsheet/form to my hard drive as I link to it as a read-only linked table in Microsoft Access.

I see this has now been going on for 8 months. Come on Microsoft. Pull your finger out!

What a mess! What a complete mess! My original Excel spreadsheet was missing lots of responses (blank lines appeared in the spreadsheet where the responses should have been). So I followed the recommendation to synchronise to a new spreadsheet. Hooray, I could see (all?) the missing responses. However, I needed to open the spreadsheet in Excel 2016, but it refused to open. The path in the SharePoint document library was already fairly long and the new name automatically added for the new spreadsheet was really long as well. So I tried renaming the SharePoint folder, but that didn't change anything. Next attempt was to create a new SharePoint folder with a much shorter name and move all my files to that and sync it.
Great I can now open the original forms spreadsheet (with its missing responses) but I can't edit the form. Brilliant, just what I needed (not). All I get is the option to create a new form. I can still get to use the old form but the responses don't seem to get recorded anywhere. In the new spreadsheet (created by syncing to a new spreadsheet) I can see the data but all the Forms options are greyed out.
Right, so let's recreate everything from scratch. I've got nothing else I want to do with my life, after all.

I have recreated everything from scratch and it seems to be working. However, there are a couple of dodgy things about this:
1) The Forms icon on the Excel online spreadsheet can take several minutes to become enabled.

2) When I make changes, e.g. to allow people outside my organisation to be able to fill in the forms, it can take hours before some people on the web can use the updated version. For example, I made that change to my form about 3 hours ago and one user down the road from me is still being asked to log in.

Dear Microsoft,

When are you going to sort this out, please? I am again missing at least one response from my Excel spreadsheet. I know this because I demonstrated to someone how to use the Excel form. They got an acknowledgement of their input and when I got into Edit Form --> Responses I can see the item I added, but when I click on "Open in Excel" the spreadsheet opens in Excel Online missing that data.


This is a mess. Please sort it out so it works properly. Your post says, "On occasion, the workbook may not contain the latest data for a number of reasons." It's time to sort those reason out, don't you think?

June 18, 2018 9:26 am


Good Morning:


I set up a form to collect information for the annual K bridges program at our school. My principal says that last week she saw 5 responses and today she only sees 2. Where did the other responses go and how do we retrieve them.



Mrs. R.

June 18, 2018


Good Morning:


The form that I set up for our annual Kindergarten Bridges program is missing responses. According to my principal last week there were 5 responses and today there are only 2. Where did the responses go and how do we retrieve them if possible?



Mrs. R.


June 18, 2018


Good Morning:


The form that I set up for our annual Kindergarten Bridges program is missing responses. According to my principal last week there were 5 responses and today there are only 2. Where did the responses go and how do we retrieve them if possible?



Mrs. R.

Hello, Mrs. R,

Until Microsoft get their act together and stop this happening you will need to use the work around at


Been there, done that, twice, expect to need to do it again.


Alan Cossey

Hi Zhongzhong Li,


We are currently not able to view all of the responses to our form in Excel, could you please advise?


Please let me know if you need any further information for this.




Hi Rachel,

Based on the log we had for the URL you have shared, it shows your form hasn't connected with an Excel Online file, it is a standard form with "Download Excel".

Could you share me the actual error you have received?


Hi Rembert,


Yes, please try "Sync to new Excel workbook" to get your data into a new workbook.


It would be great if you could share your form URL with us, so we could troubleshoot the error you have met.