Forms response showing wrong date

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I have an odd one.  I have a form that has a date picker.  I can click it and pick today's date.  The date shows correctly on the form.  I can submit the form and in the response tab the date now shows yesterdays date.  If I export the results to excel the date is correct again.  Has anyone seen this before?


Thank You.

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@DannyMainprize  I'm having the same issue.  Were you able to find a solution?

@DannyMainprize I have the same issue. The date once submitted is one day off. Not found a solution as yet. 

@DannyMainprize Has anyone got a solution to this. 

Exactly as described by Danny here, the response TAB show the wrong date, however, it is correct on the EXCEL. 


So if you need to print the responses, it will print with the wrong date, as it is one day off. 

@DannyMainprize , I created a form in November and had the exact same situation.  Today it was fixed - apparently due to the new month.