Forms "Print Response" Option no Longer Printing Full Page

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Up until yesterday, choosing the "print response" option under a specific user in Forms would allow printing of the full form response. Now, however, printing using this option/any option results in only the first few responses being printed, with the rest of the responses cut off, like so:


print issue.PNG

Is there a simple fix for this? I've cleared cache/cookies, attempted in different web browsers, but the result is always the same. Thank you to anyone who can help

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@westondavidson Our users are also getting this issue using Chrome, Firefox,  and Edge web browsers. IE11 seems to work but not great. We first noticed this issue Monday and have not been able to resolve it.office365formsprintissue.PNG

@westondavidson I think they've broken the css somehow. I didn't work then it worked for one evening and now... no good again. Perhaps someone out there knows how to use a browser extension to override the response page's CSS? I hope it gets fixed soon or I have a big headache.

@westondavidson Same issue here. Hopefully they can fix this soon



Glad this is a recent change. I just started using Forms and was concerned this was a long-standing bug.

For now, you can work-around this by doing a copy-and-paste into MS Word.



I am experiencing the same issue.

I reported it to Microsoft Support last week, but when they connected remotely to my computer, the problem was fixed - the response was being exported as usual! 

This lasted for the whole day, then I started getting the same issue and it's ongoing at the moment.

This is happening with both Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

@westondavidsonsame problem here.


Only noticed over the past 24hrs. 


Don't supposed you've found a solution or heard anything from MS? Do you happen to know if they're aware this problem isn't an isolated incident now (that is: are likely to do something to fix it)?

If you select all (CTRL-A) and then right-click in the Form and select Print, the whole form with answers will print.  Hopefully they fix it soon. 


@dleachmanIt only kind of works unfortunately. Some multiple-choice buttons will default back to the first answer, rather than the one chosen.

@Proximon My workaround was for printing completed responses, which in our environment, has the answers locked. Sorry for any confusion.

@dleachmanSame problem here - just started today

@westondavidson - I installed the IE app on Windows 10 (searched for Internet Explorer in Cortana and the IE app was displayed). Printing through the IE app (logged into Forms through IE) resolved the printing issue.

I think that it is amazing to me that Microsoft broke a function of one of their own products (probably during and update) that worked with their browser (Edge) before and now we have to use a product that they told us to stop using (IE) to get the function back. 

This is killing me. I have fairly long surveys that I conduct for my managers and I just had to snip the answers (cause I need the graphics) to three tests. Took WAY too long. Tried it on IE 11 at work and it doesn't help. It already sucked that I had to use a work around for survey questions that used short/long answer paragraphs, but now THIS??

Having the same problem here. Thanks to these responses tried internet explorer 11 and this let us print to pdf (windows 10). Windows 7 I don't think the direct print option worked but fortunately the impacted user had adobe pdf as an option and once the file was saved could print from that.


Interesting suggestion about the problem being to do with .css but I couldn't identify a separate .css for print and didn't spend the time trying to write a replacement style.

@westondavidsonCredit where it's due to the Office team, but this issue has been resolved for us. Hopefully it's back working for you, too.

Can confirm, this issue is fixed for me.