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Have anyone else experienced problems when using the alternative "One answer per person" for a Form? We are using Forms as registration forms for our in house courses and at many locations we have a local user account on the computer. The first person is logging into his/her own personal Office365 account and completing the registration form. When the next user who is logging into the same computer with the same local user account but with his/her own Office365 account tries to complete the same registration form it simply says "you have already done this" even if that person never have completed the registration form. If you clear the web browser cache the problem is gone for that person but then when the third person comes and want to signup we are back to "you have already done this"..

..and we need to have that "One answer per person" policy because else we might get several answers from the same person which we don't want.

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Hi there


Yes this would happen as the browser still has the previous person logged in.


The only solution I can think of to address this issue is to:


  1. Set your web browser's home page to the form URL.
  2. Set your web browser settings (e.g. Edge, Internet Explorer) to clear the browser cache after closing the web browser.
  3. Ensure that users close the browser after use.

This way the next person will come in and be able to sign in as themselves and do the form as the previous user will have been erased.


Microsoft Edge

  1. Click onto the ... (ellipses). 
  2. Click onto Settings.
  3. Click Choose what to clear under Clear browsing data.
  4. Ensure that the cookies option is chosen to ensure that the user data is deleted on close.
  5. Ensure that Always clear this when I close the browser is turned On.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click onto the gear icon (top right of the browser window).
  2. Click onto Internet Options.
  3. Click onto Delete browsing history on exit. If the option is greyed out, it means your IT administrator has disabled the option.

Hope that provides a simple solution to your issue! 


Please let us know how you went?