Forms Pro to Power BI via Common Data Service - can only see users own Surveys?

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I've successfully connected Forms Pro through to Power BI via the Common Data Service, by following the steps described here (they are a little out-of-date):


But after reviewing the data pulled from entities like msfp_survey, it seems I can only retrieve Forms Pro data for the user who is signed in (to the Power BI CDS connection)? I was expecting/hoping to get the data for all the surveys that have been shared for editing.


BTW it seems others are seeing the same issue wrt:

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@Mike_Honey - I'm seeing the same issue here.  I haven't created any forms personally and so see no data at all, even though another user has created and shared a form with me.  I'm looking in the msfp_* tables in the CDS.


Did you manage to resolve this yourself?