Forms Pro - Responses Export button is not working !!!

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I just discovered Forms Pro, it has some enhancements, but Responses Export Button is not working, i click on it but nothing happens !

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@Shad85 I'm glad I'm not the only one!

I am also having the same issue @Shad85 

Still not working - have you got a solution?

Guys, for now it still not working, but the good news are that all surveys data are saved in CDS so you can go check them there, sure if your license allows to ;)


@Shad85 Good to know, thanks... now I just have to find out what CDS is and how to get to it, lol.

@Ben Kirk, Common Data Service, like a database, survey tables :





@Shad85 I'll have to look into it. Thanks.

@Shad85 I see this in my PowerApps, but is there a way to actually pull the data stored there? I'm new to the office 365 side of this.

@Ericvde Nevermind, I figured this out with PowerApps connector for Excel. Thanks for the hints about CDS!




My responses on Forms Pro have gone.  I can see i have some from the front page but when clicking on view response - nothing? Anyone able to help?

It is possible because this version is still in PREVIEW I am facing the same issue, responses sometimes are not available, but when I come back after few hours I find them.


Found this comment on a different thread: 

"We know of some intermittent issues with export. This should be fixed this week. In the meantime, you can try to get access to the responses in excel by using -{form_id}&forceReExport=true

replace {form_id} with the form id"

This worked for me so you should all try it. Much easier than pulling the data from CDS.

@EricvdeThank you very much for this valuable information !! it worked for me also !