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I have two technical issues and a two questions. 


Question: Editing survey answers in Excel online

In regular Forms Survey answers can be edited in Excel online. This has been highly useful for our team since we use Forms to store gathered daily qualitative data. It also gives us a chance to edit earlier answers in case we add an question to the survey. Is this option to edit the data stored coming to Forms Pro?


If not, it makes Forms Pro useless to us as it is, since this feature was one of the critical reasons for choosing Forms. 


Question 2: Cancelling preview

If I choose to cancel the preview, will I lose the surveys I have done in Forms Pro, or can they be changed into regular Forms surveys? 


Issue 1. Exporting data

I'm having issues with exporting data to Excel. Sometimes the Export-button works, but often it's grey and inactive.


Any tips on how to tackle this issue? I've found the tip to use this URL by adding the forms_id to it, but for some reason it is not working for me. I get an error that the survey is not found.{forms_ID}&forceReExport=true


Issue 2. Saving name and email of survey submitter

Forms Pro is not saving the e-mail account of the person submitting the data. This happens automatically with in-organization surveys in regular Forms, which have been set to save the name of the survey submitter. Not a big deal, but an inconvenience. 


When I export the data to Excel, the automatically stored names in the Forms Pro survey are not showing in the Excel files. This is a critical issue for us. 




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@He1di Question 1 is great feedback, taken note of it and will get back. 

Question 2 - you will lose the surveys that are done in Forms Pro if you cancel out of preview, they are not automatically ported to Forms


Issue1: This was a bug that was fixed, can you pls check and confirm if you see it addressed ?

Issue2: Can you confirm if you are still facing the issue ? 



Thanks for the reply. It's warming to hear that my feedback has been read and points have been taken. Keep up the good work! 


I haven't faced issue 1 any more. Issue 2 still exists. I can see the names of the responders in the Forms UI, but not their email addressess. In the excel export neither are included. There is a column for both name and email address but all cells are empty. 


Issue 3: In the excel export responses are in random order. It would be preferable for our organization atleast to have them in ascending or descending order based on time of submission. 


And a new issue that just appeared:


Issue 4: Both excel export and the Forms UI show only a portion of open text field responses (100 first characters). I can not see the full reply. When the replies are sent to flow, the full response shows up in the ran Flows, so the information is still there.


The Flows are now failing because of the text field, this has to do with the Sharepoint List 255 character limit. It wasn't enforced before (between Oct 2018-May 2019), but now it is enforced again on single text fields. 


This character limitation on Forms Pro responses is an critical issue. We will pedal back to basic Forms surveys for now.  Will also start taking back ups of regular Forms surveys for now. We have lots of valuable and critical information stored in Forms surveys. Losing that would be a disaster. 



Edit - merged with the message above. 

@He1di Forms Pro is now Generally Available from July 1st and a load of issues from the Preview have been addressed. I verified the issues you mentioned specifically of the Issues 2, 3 and 4 and was not able to reproduce. Greatly appreciate you being a valuable Preview customer and giving your feedback that helped make the product robust.  . Request you to check it once and hope you would come back to choose Forms Pro.