Forms Pro - How can I see the variables selected for a specific invitation?

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Thank you in adavance for your help!

My situation is this - I have created a stakeholder survey in Forms Pro. I want to be able to use this one form to collect responses from multiple stakeholder groups - and different vendors. I'd like to use the one survey - send multiple invitations (employing the variables) - and view an export of all responses. So far so good on this part. I've successfully created the survey and sent 3 different emails using the variables. The only problem is - when I view the results I have no idea which version of the survey they are replying to. 


For Example:

  1. Send the survey to Mary and Jim asking for their feedback on vendor ABC123
  2. Send the survey to Mike and Joanne asking for their feedback on Vendor 456XYZ
  3. Send the survey to Mary and Jim asking for their feedback on vendor 456XYZ


I have the following variables:

  • {{First Name}}
  • {{Last Name}}
  • {{Vendor}}


Is there a way for me to see all the response results from the examples above in one table WITH the associated variables?



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@smolcykr are you using Dynamics 365 or Forms Pro to review your responses? That makes a difference as to where the variables coming back are visible from.

@Megan_V_Walker  - thank you for your response.

I am using Forms Pro. I do not have access to Dynamics 365. But if you tell me this is a must have in order to view results the way I want to - then I will do all I can to get access.


@smolcykr - no not needed, just two different ways of then being able to see the variables.


Within Forms Pro, when you see the list of responses, you can double click to open one up. You then have a tab for the Responses, and a tab for the personalised data, which is the variables you have passed through when creating and sending out the survey invitation. That is the only place you will be able to access it from Forms Pro. 






Thank you - I now see the second tab with the personalized - so that's good!

But I am super disappointed to learn that I am unable to export the responses and the personalizations.
With this not available to me - I'm struggling to see why I should use Pro instead just regular forms.


Thank you again


@smolcykr - I actually have a couple of other ideas for you. Do you use SharePoint, or do you just want to get an excel download of the data? Either way, you could use Power Automate to create a flow that triggers on a new survey response. In the flow, you can use a compose step to get the variables, then a parse JSON step to extract the values. A step can then be added to add everything to an excel file, or a SharePoint list.


In fact, I think I will write this as my next blog post: https://meganvwalker.com/microsoft-forms-pro/ - I see a need for it! 



Thank you again - sounds like there is still hope.

I did try to creat a flow after watching one of your videos on YouTube.

However, I get stuck at the Get Details step - in your videos you have an expression that includes msfp_sourceresponseidentifier - when I try this I get an error



I look forward to your blog post on the subject!

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