Forms Pro Email Distribution - Sent Emails not Received

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Hello Community,


I'm giving the Forms Pro free trial a go to test out the platform's suitability for a new customized internal survey. Have created a new form and sent it via email to members on my team. The Responses > Invitations UI shows that all invitations are being sent successfully, but no one is receiving the emails.


Have also tried sending invitations to non-company emails to verify that our servers aren't filtering out emails from the Forms's default distribution address. I didn't think this was the source of the problem since previous surveys sent via the basic Forms service were received without issue.


Haven't come across any posts relating to issues like this, wondering if anyone out there has experienced this issue.

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@joelclifford Have you checked the spam boxes of the team members? 


Hi Joelclifford,


Have your issue resolved? We are facing the same issue.


If you have any solution regarding this please share.