Forms Pro email distribution - changing the 'reply' email address (in Outlook for example)

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Hello, I was after some advice if somebody could assist me please. When a Forms Pro survey is distributed as an email, can the 'reply' address be changed to a different account? Testing a survey email in Outlook, I see that the reply to email address defaults to It would be very useful to edit this to a different account if possible. Thanks in advance!

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@NathanielOsborne - this is not a feature or setting that you can change. However, Microsoft do have something in Beta in terms of the ability to be able to change and update the email domain used. You can find out more here:


It isn't something that all organisations will be able to take advantage of at this time, which is why it's not available as a live feature for everyone just yet. 


If you use the Create an invitation step using Power Automate, you can then determine where or who the email is sent from. 


This is for anyone who comes across this from a search.  You can do this now.  You can add custom domains and emails.


In Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Click Settings > Org Setting > Dynamics 365 Customer Voice



To use the custom email, in Dynamics 365 Customer Voice:

This is how you get to distribution settings.  Once in the 'SEND' section, click customize to the far right.