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Has anyone had any luck setting up customized sender email addresses in Forms Pro?  I followed the process defined here on and it is like the support team that receives the request has no idea that this process exists and/or what I'm talking about when requesting the provisioned location (as defined in step 8 of the process). 


As it's been more than 3 weeks since I originally opened the ticket I thought I'd see if anyone in the community has had any luck completing this process and if so did you do anything outside the documented process to get the provisioned location from support?





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@Greg Eschinger - have you had a response and assistance yet? Just curious if this is now resolved or if you could do with having your support case pushed up the ladder slightly. 


Hello Megan,


Thank you for responding.  The ticket is not resolved yet but we finally got some forward movement on the ticket.  Support was finally able to confirm the details to provide as part of step 8.  I've done the CNAMEs and provided the information for step 9.  Hoping that by now there is more clarity on this process and there won't be as much confusion / delay with the final step.


Hi Greg, any updates on your case ?
I'm running with many customers on same issue.

@JohnBBily Hello John,


We finally got a response from the support team with the provisioning location and setup the CNAME.  It's now been more than 4 weeks waiting for them to complete the setup of the e-mail addresses we provided where none of the responses ever tell us anything other than:


"I am waiting for update from the the Team. Once i get an update from the team, I would update you immediately."


I'm nervous that this feature was vaporware and doesn't actually exist as when I look at the documentation now it looks like that portion (the Customize the sender of the survey email) of the documentation has since been removed.  Hope I'm wrong and eventually the request gets processed.