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I want to create a questionnaire for current clients(clients inside an entity "account"). Is it possible to to create a form, link that form to a specific client and have that data reflect to that entity in the CDS?


I can almost envision a dropdown within the form for who the questionnaire is for. 


Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @BruceDemont , not fully sure if I understand you correctly, but maybe this will help.

We have created a survey in Forms Pro using data from the contact entity as variable (e.g. the firstname, lastname).
We have a flow in Power Automate to send out the survey invitation to a "selected contact" using the CDS trigger "When a record is selected".

The user in Dynamics selects the contact(s), then selects to run that specific flow from the Flows menu, and that's about it.

As the survey invitation is automatically related to the record in the Contact entity, we can see the responses as related data from the contact record. In fact we created a seperate tab with a subgrid showing the responses directly.

Is this a bit what you are looking for?

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